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November 9, 2023
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Getting Covid Shot on Same Day as Certain Flu Vaccines May Raise Risk of Strokes in Elderly People


The Covid vaccine may be linked to an increase in stroke risk when given alongside a high-dose flu shot, health officials say.


According to the pharma industry, governments, and the mainstream media, the mRNA vaccines used against COVID-19 are proven to be safe and effective. Over the past three years, anyone daring to suggest otherwise is dismissed as being anti-science, with bans from social media enforced to prevent information from dissenters reaching a wider audience. Increasingly, however, studies are beginning to challenge this narrative. As a paper published in the Industrial Psychiatry Journal outlined in 2021, not only do mRNA vaccines have dangers, but reports on their supposed efficacy have seemingly been subject to statistical bias.

The Industrial Psychiatry Journal paper points out that mRNA vaccines can cause a host of multi-systemic side effects. It states that the most serious of these are anaphylaxis (severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reactions), antibody-dependent enhancement (a phenomenon in which the antibodies generated by vaccination cause the immune system to overreact), and death. Other reported adverse effects include severe liver damage, very low platelet counts (thrombocytopenia), inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis), and blood clots (thrombosis).

Worryingly, therefore, the way in which the efficacy of mRNA vaccines has been reported may have deliberately misled many people into choosing to receive them. To understand how mRNA coronavirus vaccines have been promoted using misleading risk reduction statistics, see this article on our website.