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People Injured or Bereaved by Covid Vaccines ‘Speak in Code Online Over Censorship Fears’


People left injured or bereaved from vaccines are being forced to speak in code online about their symptoms for fear of censorship, the UK’s Covid Inquiry has heard.


Across the world, governments are going to extraordinary lengths to cover up the real-life experiences of people left injured or bereaved by COVID-19 vaccines. Having previously insisted the injections are safe and effective, and in some cases even mandating that people receive them, authorities are increasingly resorting to censorship in order to prevent awareness of the facts becoming widespread.

This censorship even extends to silencing lawmakers. Take Andrew Bridgen, for example, a Member of Parliament (MP) from the UK who, earlier this year, stood up to give a speech in a debate on mRNA COVID-19 booster vaccinations. Speaking to an almost deserted UK House of Commons (the video shows fellow parliamentarians quickly leaving the chamber as he began to speak), Bridgen openly described the deaths and serious harm caused by the shots.

Suspended from the UK’s ruling Conservative Party after he tweeted an article questioning the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and labeled them “the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust,” Bridgen currently sits as an independent MP in the UK parliament. Since he began speaking out about the dangers of these vaccines, there have been numerous attempts to censor him. After the video of his House of Commons speech was posted on YouTube, for example, it was rapidly taken down and only reinstated by the social media giant after a public outcry. Meantime, the speech has essentially been ignored by the mainstream media.

To watch Andrew Bridgen’s speech in the UK House of Commons, see this article on our website.