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November 16, 2023
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November 16, 2023

Your Biological Age Predicts Dementia And Stroke Regardless Of Your Actual Age


While we all grow older chronologically at the same pace, biologically, our clocks can tick faster or slower. Relying solely on chronological age – the number of years since birth – is inadequate to measure the body’s internal biological age.


Heart attacks, strokes, dementia, and cancer are not the inevitable consequence of aging. By optimizing cellular function through ensuring a proper daily intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other key micronutrients, it is not only possible to largely prevent these health problems from occurring, but also to slow your body’s rate of aging.

Dr. Rath’s Cellular Medicine discoveries and research have revealed that the primary cause of today’s most common diseases is a chronic deficiency of micronutrients. Applying this knowledge to clinical practice has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and, over the coming decades, significantly increase the average human lifespan.

To check out Dr. Rath’s scientific recommendations for daily intake of all the various micronutrients that are essential for optimizing human health, see this page on our website.