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Exercise Can Be More Effective Treatment For Depression Than Antidepressants


A study analyzing over 14,000 people has found exercise could be more beneficial than antidepressants alone for the treatment of clinical depression.

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A variety of different forms of exercise, including walking, jogging, yoga, strength training, and dance, were found to be beneficial in this study. Interestingly, the research highlighted that the amount of exercise matters less than the fact that some form of exercise is undertaken, with higher intensity exercise and group activities showing enhanced benefits. Overall, the findings suggest that exercise can provide a valuable alternative to antidepressant drug treatments, offering a cost-effective and accessible option for managing depression.

The study adds to a growing body of scientific evidence that natural approaches can play an important role in the control and alleviation of depression. This evidence is particularly strong in the case of micronutrients. Examples of micronutrients found to be beneficial against depression include omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, magnesium, curcumin, vitamin D, vitamin C, and acetyl-l-carnitine.

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