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Most Survivors of Childhood Cancer Don’t Get the Tests Needed to Detect Serious Long-Term Adverse Effects


Surviving childhood cancer does not always mean a clean bill of health, as the treatments that eradicate those cancers can put adult survivors at risk of new cancers and other serious health problems.
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Despite their role as the standard treatment for cancer, chemotherapy drugs are highly toxic. Their multiple adverse side effects range from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and hair loss to decreased immunity and damage to vital organs. Moreover, seemingly unrealized by many patients, many chemotherapy drugs are themselves known carcinogens. Research carried out in the UK has found that, in some hospitals, within 30 days of starting treatment, chemotherapy kills up to 50 per cent of patients who receive it.

These dangerous drugs affect not just cancer cells but all of the body’s organs and cell systems. As such, for most patients, each cycle of chemotherapy results in severe pain and a multitude of additional health problems. In order to help them cope with this treatment, still more drugs are prescribed, inevitably causing further side effects and additional misery. Despite there being no significant clinical benefit, chemotherapy often continues to be administered almost right up to the point of death.

Just as bad is the fact that the chemicals used in chemotherapy are so toxic they are still dangerous to other people even after they have been excreted by the patient in the form of sweat, urine, stool, tears, semen, or vaginal fluid. The people at particular risk from such contamination include family members, caregivers, and literally anyone touching a chemotherapy patient.

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