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Supreme Court Rules Queensland’s Vaccine Mandate ‘Unlawful’


Queensland’s Supreme Court has ruled that COVID-19 vaccine mandates for the state’s police and ambulance employees were unlawful.

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The Australian judge ruled that COVID-19 vaccine mandates for frontline workers breached human rights laws, specifically the country’s Human Rights Act. This decision could trigger a wave of similar claims in Queensland and potentially influence other jurisdictions.

The ruling focused on the applicability of the Australian Human Rights Act, impacting workers employed by the state, including teachers, healthcare workers, and public servants. While the decision does not mandate the reinstatement of people whose employment was terminated, it may open the door for them to seek reinstatement or compensation.

However, despite the ruling, workplaces in Queensland could still mandate vaccines in future pandemics, but when doing so they would have to give clearer consideration to human rights.

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