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Pharmaceutical Giants Knowingly Sold HIV-Infected Treatment to UK National Health Service


Pharmaceutical companies knowingly sold a treatment infected with HIV to the UK’s National Health Service, The Telegraph has revealed.
[Source: telegraph.co.uk]

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If ever there was a news story that perfectly illustrated the criminal nature of the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease,’ this must surely be it. According to The Telegraph, during the 1980s Bayer and Armour Pharmaceuticals knew that drugs made from human plasma could transmit HIV to patients but sold them regardless. As a result, around 1,250 people in the UK contracted HIV. A further 5,000 also contracted hepatitis C.

Rather than withdrawing the infected products as soon as they realized what had happened, both companies deliberately continued selling them so as to avoid reducing their profits. Bayer’s marketing plan reportedly even outlined how it would dump the drugs in countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Despite this, no charges have ever been brought in the UK for anyone involved in the scandal.

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