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March 15, 2018
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March 15, 2018

Regular doses of vitamin D could lower your risk of cancer


Regular doses of vitamin D could lower the risk of developing cancer, new research suggests.


Little by little, mainstream scientists and the mass media are gradually beginning to accept the roles of essential micronutrients in preventing and controlling cancer. Without doubt, the groundbreaking discoveries of Dr. Rath and the scientific studies carried out at the Dr. Rath Research Institute under the leadership of Dr. Niedzwiecki have been a major force in this change occurring.

That said, however, neither mainstream science nor the mass media are yet focusing on the fact that, for optimum effect, no single micronutrient alone is enough to prevent or control cancer. As the studies published by researchers at the Dr. Rath Research Institute have repeatedly shown, for the very best results, carefully chosen combinations of micronutrients are needed in amounts that are balanced according to the scientific principle of micronutrient synergy.

To learn about natural approaches to the prevention and control of cancer that can block all key mechanisms that make it a deadly disease, read the lifesaving book written by Dr. Rath and Dr. Niedzwiecki, Victory Over Cancer.

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