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January 31, 2019
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February 4, 2019

‘Digital Pills’ Raise Privacy And Cybersecurity Fears


Ethicists and medical experts have expressed concerns about the use of ingestible technology, also known as digital pills, used by doctors to remotely monitor patients’ medication usage.


It is no secret that the Pharma Cartel would like it to became compulsory for patients to take the drugs prescribed for them by their doctors. One way this might be achieved would be if patients not adhering to their medication programs were threatened with having their health insurance cover withdrawn. Thus far, however, the mass monitoring of patients that would be necessary to enforce this has not been a realistic goal.

But with the development of the latest hi-tech digital pills, which transmit data from inside the body to a wearable patch placed on the abdomen, which then connects to a mobile app, doctors are able to remotely monitor patients’ medication intake. As a result, the types of ‘Big Brother’ intrusion on privacy and freedom of choice that might once have seemed like science fiction are well on their way to becoming ‘science fact’.

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