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Chemicals In Sunscreen Enter Body At Risky Levels After Just One Day Of Use


A new study has found that using sunscreen for even just a single day causes certain chemicals from it to enter the body at levels high enough to trigger a government safety investigation.


The publication of this study follows hot on the heels of other research revealing that sunscreen could be bad for the heart. Other studies similarly confirm that the growing obsession with protecting ourselves from the sun may have come at a serious cost to our health.

Research shows that sunscreen can essentially nullify the body’s ability to produce vitamin D. As such, it is plausible that sun avoidance and overuse of sunscreen may together have been responsible for a dramatic increase in the number of people with deficient or insufficient levels of vitamin D. Indeed, a clinical review published in 2017 in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association examined this possibility and drew attention to the startling fact that around 1 billion people worldwide now have inadequate levels of this essential nutrient.

To read about a scientific review published in 2018 which found evidence of an inverse relationship between levels of sun exposure and all-cause mortality, read this article on our website.

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