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June 5, 2020
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June 11, 2020

NEW VIDEO LECTURE BY DR. RATH: Ending the Current Pandemic – Preventing Future Pandemics!

Today, we have published a new lecture by Dr. Rath: ‘Ending the Current Pandemic – Preventing Future Pandemics!’

While the current pandemic seems to subside in some parts of the world, it continues to threaten the health of millions of people, especially in the developing world.

The economic burden of this pandemic has already taken breathtaking dimensions in industrialized and developing nations alike, threatening the continuation of economic, social, and political life as we know it.

Lacking other perspectives, the political stakeholders are trying to prevent a complete collapse by not just ‘borrowing’ thousands of billions of dollars from the people of the world – but literally ‘stealing’ it from us, since there will be little chance of repayment.

The amount of money already allocated for this purpose will no longer allow a secure social life in the future. Particularly devastating will be the effect of this giant ‘robbery’ on future generations. For them, the economic decisions taken today will strangulate their entire lives – it will be a ‘knee on their neck’ for an entire lifetime.

In order to minimize this foreseeable catastrophe for this and future generations, we need to unite behind effective public health strategies that can be implemented right now around the world – and with the help of the people of the world. This is the purpose of Dr. Rath’s presentation.

This video answers the two most urgent questions:

  1. How can we end the current pandemic globally – as fast as possible?
  2. How can we help to prevent future pandemics – starting right now?

These questions can only be answered on the basis of a factual and clear analysis of the current pandemic. This analysis inevitably leads us to effective public health strategies that can be implemented anywhere in the world.

So, if you are:

  • A student or teacher – You should take advantage of this information for your school, or any other educational institution you are in;
  • An employee or manager – You should take advantage of this knowledge to secure the physical and economic health of your company;
  • A citizen or politician anywhere in the world – We call upon you to implement the health strategies outlined here.

Do it for yourself, your children, and all future generations!

As mentioned by Dr. Rath in the video, here are the links to additional information on our website.

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Antioxidants and the Immune System

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Dr. Rath’s Open Letter “Let’s stop the virus! Let’s stop the pandemic!”

To the people and governments of the world
An Open Letter by Dr. Matthias Rath

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Codex Alimentarius

Established in 1963, the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CODEX) is responsible for creating global standards, guidelines and codes of practice for the food and nutrition industries.

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Health Claims Regulation of the Brussels EU

The purpose of the so-called “Food Supplements Directive” is to set stringent and dictatorial restrictions on the types and doses of vitamins and minerals that can be contained in nutritional supplements.

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Ban on vitamin therapies

“Stop promoting bans on natural therapies and seeking to outlaw health claims for science-based natural health approaches.”

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Find out about the Movement of Life

The Movement of Life is a non-profit global project that encourages people to create hands-on pilot projects in the areas of health, food, water, energy, knowledge and work.

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