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Honey Better For Coughs And Sore Throats Than Conventional Medicine, Says Study

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“Honey is better at treating sore throats, blocked noses, coughs, and congestion than conventional medicines, including antibiotics, according to a new study.” [Source: Sky News (UK)]


As this news story demonstrates, research into treating sore throats, blocked noses, coughs, and congestion is beginning to catch up with what the natural health community has known all along.

Rather than focusing on the use of drugs, the most effective approach for dealing with coughs and colds is to use natural approaches that help improve immunity. Along with natural remedies such as honey taken with ginger and lemon, a synergistically designed program of micronutrient supplementation can enhance immune function and suppress infection.

Studies carried out by scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute have proven that micronutrients can support all the necessary critical steps for mounting an effective immune response to infections. These steps include promoting the synthesis of interferon and supporting the function of phagocytic cells; strengthening the protective anti-microbial barriers created by the skin, mucus membranes, tears, saliva and gastric juice; and increasing the production of antibodies and optimization of cell-mediated immunity. In this respect, it is well established that micronutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A and B vitamins, as well as trace elements including iron, zinc, selenium, copper and others, are essential for optimizing white blood cell production and immune function.

To learn how the use of Dr. Rath’s Cellular Medicine approach can enhance immunity, including even in patients suffering from immunodeficiency disorders, read this article on our website.

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