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August 6, 2020
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World Health Organization Warns That Effects Of Coronavirus Pandemic Will Be Felt For Decades


“The World Health Organization has warned that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic will be felt for decades.” [Source:]


Natural health advocates who are regular visitors to our website will no doubt realize that to control the coronavirus it isn’t necessary to enact draconian restrictions on mankind’s freedoms and human rights. Based on the use of effective and safe micronutrient approaches, a viable public health strategy to fight the pandemic globally already now exists.

In a recent study conducted by scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute, a micronutrient combination that includes vitamin C, as well as certain amino acids, polyphenols, and trace elements, was able to suppress the ‘entry door’ via which coronaviruses enter body cells. The study provided powerful scientific evidence that micronutrients are powerful tools in the fight against the pandemic. Optimizing the micronutrient status of the entire population should now therefore form the basis for any global strategy to counter the virus, including in developing nations.

In light of this information, new visitors to our website might well be wondering why the World Health Organization (WHO) isn’t taking advantage of it. The answer to this question is both simple and disturbing. In short, the WHO has sold its soul to the multinational drug and chemical industries and other business-related entities. As stakeholders for the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’, these interests see non-patentable natural therapies as a threat to the sales of multibillion-dollar patented drugs.

In 2017 money donated to the WHO’s General and Fiduciary Funds by business-related entities totaled $1.08 billion, an amount which exceeded that donated by countries. Particularly significantly, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation contributed almost $327 million, making it the second-largest donor overall. The only donations to these funds higher than those of the Gates Foundation came from the government of the United States.

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