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September 18, 2020
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Patient Charities In UK Failing To Report Multimillion Donations From Pharma Industry

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“Hundreds of patient charities in the UK are failing to declare multimillion donations received from the world’s largest drug companies.” [Source:]


Like their counterparts in other countries, the majority of UK patient charities are largely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. While pretending to be independent of their drug company funders, these charities essentially act as lobbyists for them.

Having come under the pervasive influence of the pharmaceutical industry, such charities do not truly represent the interests of patients. Only rarely do their websites make mention of studies on the effectiveness and safety of natural approaches to the control of chronic diseases, for example. Instead, in order to maintain their access to lucrative funding from the pharmaceutical industry, patient charities are forced to dance to its tune. In return for such funding, they irresponsibly promote dangerous drugs and even operate as pass-throughs for paying kick-backs on behalf of their pharmaceutical company benefactors.

To read a revealing report on the influence of the pharmaceutical industry that was published by the British government in 2005, see this article on our website.

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