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April 16, 2021
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April 23, 2021

Pentagon Unveils Microchip That Senses Covid In The Body


“Pentagon scientists have invented a microchip that once inserted under the skin will detect if the patient develops COVID-19.” [Source:]


Yes, you did read that headline right. And from a mainstream media news website, too. Sounding still further like a plot from a science fiction horror story, the Pentagon has also announced the development of a special filter that can remove the coronavirus from a patient’s blood through a dialysis machine. Revealed on the US TV show ’60 Minutes’, the technology was developed by America’s top secret ‘Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’ (DARPA).

In reality, however, such invasive procedures are not necessary as there is already a far safer and easier way of bringing the pandemic to an end. Research published by scientists from the Dr. Rath Research Institute in July and August 2020 showed that specific combinations of micronutrients can block the coronavirus from infecting human body cells. In a subsequent study, they demonstrated that combining vitamin C with other natural compounds impedes key mechanisms of coronavirus infection. Further documenting the effectiveness of vitamin C, a placebo-controlled clinical study carried out by Chinese researchers has shown that high doses of it can cut the death rate from the virus in half. Collectively, these micronutrient-based studies prove that an effective, safe, and readily available way to control the pandemic already now exists.

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