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Vaccinating animals against COVID-19: how long will the people of the world allow themselves to be fooled?

The latest ‘bubble’ in the global media campaign to mandate vaccination of the general public is the story that now zoos around the world are beginning to vaccinate their most precious animals. This is a good example of how scientific facts are being turned upside down and world opinion is being manipulated on behalf of the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical drug industry.

In recent weeks, media around the world were reporting that zoo animals are being vaccinated against coronavirus infections, including at such major zoos as Denver, Oakland and Detroit. Tigers, bears, mountain lions and ferrets were the first to receive this ‘animal vaccine’.

Authorized by the US government’s ‘Department of Agriculture’, almost 70 zoos and wildlife sanctuaries across the US have already received vaccines as a part of an experimental vaccination effort ultimately comprising 100 mammalian species.

According to these reports, this effort is being undertaken to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic spreading from humans to animals.

While millions of people worldwide are talking about this ‘campaign’ and thinking about how to protect their pets at home, they do not realize that they have just fallen prey to one of the most fateful deceptions in the history of medicine.

The purpose of this article is to expose this hoax and inform the people of the world about the scientific facts.

The scientific facts are:

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic is a human-specific pandemic. While coronaviruses can infect animals, they do not fall seriously sick or die from such infections.
  2. All laboratory animals generally used to study diseases cannot be used to study COVID-19, because they simply do not develop severe symptoms from coronavirus infections. This dilemma has forced researchers around the world to create new genetically modified animal models to even be able to study severe COVID-19 symptoms. [Reference]
  3. The primary reason for this phenomenon can be scientifically explained: essentially all higher animals – besides humans and subhuman primates – produce high daily amounts of vitamin C in their bodies by converting sugar molecules (glucose) into this vitamin.
  4. The human body’s ability to produce this important vitamin was lost in the ancestor of man, and subsequently all descendants – including all humans living today – became dependent on getting enough vitamin C in their daily diets.
  5. Two functions of vitamin C are particularly important for the prevention of infections with the coronavirus. Firstly, vitamin C is responsible for the optimum production of collagen and other reinforcement molecules that determine the level of protection provided by the ‘barrier tissue’ between our body and its environment – namely the skin, lungs and intestine – as well as the strength of the blood vessel walls and other organs. The second important role of vitamin C is to optimize the function of the immune system in fighting and eventually killing the virus in a process called ‘phagocytosis’.
  6. Vitamin C is the only substance – natural or synthetic – that has been shown in a clinical study to significantly reduce the death rate from severely infected COVID-19 patients hospitalized in intensive care. This placebo-controlled clinical study, conducted in Wuhan, China, the city where the pandemic started, showed that 24 grams per day of vitamin C given intravenously cut the death rate of patients with severe COVID-19 by almost half. [Reference]
  7. Vitamin C is a natural substance contained in many fruits and vegetables. In combination with other specific vitamins and natural substances, this nutrient has been scientifically shown to fight the coronavirus infections of human body cells. Scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California have developed a composition of natural compounds that can block all essential pathways of coronavirus infections, including down-regulating the viral door-openers (receptors) on the surface of human body cells, blocking the entry of the virus to the inside of the cells, and decreasing the machinery inside human body cells that is required for viral multiplication – which is the precondition for coronavirus infection to develop into a COVID-19 disease. [Reference]

Disseminating the scientific truth as a precondition for ending the COVID-19 pandemic

Promoting the ‘animal vaccination campaign’ to thousands of zoos and hundreds of millions of pet owners around the world is a deception campaign of unprecedented proportions.

This hoax is no coincidence. It happens in the interest of the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical investment business with vaccines, which wants the world to believe that its patented merchandise – vaccines – is the only answer to the coronavirus pandemic.

Allowing this hoax to continue unchallenged is not an option. Such complacency would deprive mankind of the opportunity to understand one of the most important pathways to help control the coronavirus pandemic. The message is clear: High levels of vitamin C protect essentially all living species on earth from developing a COVID-19 pandemic. How much longer can the most intelligent species on Earth – human beings – afford to ignore this scientific fact?

An optimum daily supply of vitamin C and other science-based micronutrients, in the form of vitamin-rich food or nutritional supplementation, can immediately be used by the people of the world to end the current pandemic.