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Global Coronavirus Policy: For How Long Will We Be Held Hostage To Pharma?

More evidence is emerging that global coronavirus policy isn’t based on protecting people’s health. The Dutch government recently fired its State Secretary for Economic Affairs after she criticized the country’s ‘coronavirus access pass’, or ‘vaccine passport’. This could be seen as confirmation that any failure to follow government decree could potentially cost you your vote, your freedom of speech, or your income. Will this pandemic go down in history as an episode in which the pharma industry tried to take humankind hostage?

March of the political elite

The international political landscape is in turmoil. After several countries demanded a coronavirus passport for entry to public places, on September 25th it became the Netherlands’ turn. In response, State Secretary Mona Keijzer said that, in view of the country’s high vaccination rate, it was ‘inexplicable’ that people should have to show a coronavirus pass, as proof they had been vaccinated or tested, in order to gain admission to a café or restaurant. Her dismissal was the consequence of this statement. [Reference]

Keijzer said: ‘If you have ended up in a society where you have to be afraid of each other unless you can show some evidence, then you have to scratch your head and ask yourself: do we want to go this way?’ The dismissal of Keijzer for daring to criticize a COVID-19 policy measure signals that it is apparently safer to stay quiet, since speaking out threatens the political elite.

Discrimination, based on having a coronavirus admission pass, is the result. This pandemic seems to be less about public health than about social control, imposed by a small group of financial investors, politicians, and the pharma industry.

Business with vaccines

Targeting the entire global population as potential recipients of experimental coronavirus vaccines has sent pharmaceutical profits skyrocketing. Herewith are some examples of the pharmaceutical business with vaccines and the depth of big pharma’s lobbying. In 2020 Germany awarded BioNTech and CureVac $745 million to speed up COVID-19 vaccine work. The US government spent $18 billion on vaccine research, manufacturing and logistics, and approved two products for use at the end of the year: the mRNA-platformed Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. It is highly contentious that the producers of these vaccines cannot be sued for side effects – nor is the government likely to compensate you for any harm you may suffer.

Screenshot from Google Finance

In June 2021, vaccine producer BioNTech reported quarterly revenues of almost 5.31 billion euros – an increase of more than 12,000%, compared with the previous year. [Reference]

Social media censorship

Amid growing controversy, claims and counterclaims about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, social media channels have added banners to many posts on the subject, redirecting users to information from the World Health Organization. Facebook said that it would be reducing the distribution of content from users who violated its policies on COVID-19 and vaccines, or who repeatedly shared content marked as ‘false’ by its so-called ‘fact-checking’ system. This has resulted in social media creating a system of controlled ‘public opinion’ whereby non-vaccine solutions are discredited as ‘unscientific’ by people who seemingly have little or no knowledge of science. With 4.48 billion users, social media has enormous global reach. This is a decentralized approach to influencing public opinion and, thus, censoring it adds to the climate of fear.

The end of a fear-based environment

This environment is all about fear, with a vaccine sold as a savior. Our Foundation offers an alternative. There is only one scientifically compelling, politically responsible – and above all logical – way to overcome the limitations of current strategies to control the coronavirus pandemic: the international scientific focus must shift its attention from trying to identify vaccines against a growing number of coronavirus mutations, and focus instead on exploring the universal defense mechanisms via which human cells are capable of defending the body against potentially all subtypes and mutations of the coronavirus.

  • It is a scientific fact that micronutrients can regulate human cell systems in such a way that they become capable of protecting themselves against all variants or mutations of the coronavirus.
  • Micronutrients simultaneously inhibit several key mechanisms used by the coronavirus to infect human cells; in particular the binding to cell surface receptors, the uptake (internalization) of the virus into the cells, and the multiplication (viral replication) inside these cells.
  • Micronutrients are the only molecules known to stimulate overall immune defense in the human body. [Reference]

Effective, safe and affordable public health measure

Specific micronutrient combinations can inhibit all known key mechanisms of coronavirus infections simultaneously, including:

  1. The significant inhibition of the binding of the coronavirus surface protein (spike) to ACE2 receptors on the surface of human cells.
  2. The significant inhibition of the production of ACE2 receptors by human cells, thereby limiting the binding of coronaviruses to these cells and their chances of infection.
  3. The significant inhibition of all key proteins (enzymes) involved in the uptake as well as multiplication of coronaviruses inside human cells.
  4. A significant increase in general immune system function, including the production of immune defense cells (leukocytes), their ability to migrate to the site of infection (chemotaxis), and the removal of viruses and other infective invaders (phagocytosis). [Reference]

Effective immediately, the recommendation of an increased intake of specific micronutrients has to be considered a potent, safe, and affordable public health measure anywhere in the world. Our scientific research team at the Dr. Rath Research Institute is willing to share our entire know-how free of charge with any government in the world that is willing to apply this knowledge – and to expand it through further research.

Vote for a healthier world

The world has reached one of the most decisive moments in its history: the battle of humankind for the right to prevent and halt diseases using scientifically proven natural health approaches.

We stand on the verge of a world in which natural preventive healthcare approaches can become a human right. While the science already exists to support such a system of healthcare, by itself it is not enough. If you want to help to bring about a world in which natural preventive healthcare approaches are a human right, now is the time to stand up and raise your voice!

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