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February 9, 2023
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February 10, 2023

COVID Vaccines ‘Opened The Floodgates’ For New Wave Of mRNA Vaccines For Livestock


“Several new government- and industry-funded studies are underway to develop mRNA vaccines for livestock, part of the massive expansion of the animal vaccine industry projected to be worth $26.12 billion by 2030.” [Source: childrenshealthdefense.org]


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, mRNA-based vaccines had not previously been officially authorized for widespread use in humans. Even today, in most countries, such vaccines have only been given so-called ‘emergency use authorization.’ This type of authorization bypasses the need for full clinical trials to be conducted, thus enabling pharmaceutical companies to market products without being required to prove their safety.

Disturbingly, therefore, the fact that full clinical trials have still not been completed for mRNA-based vaccines has not stopped plans to extend their use to further human diseases, including cancer, influenza, shingles, and HIV. Just as with the planned development of such vaccines for livestock, the primary motive fueling this expansion is profit. To the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease,’ when billions of dollars of profits are at stake, health and safety are merely secondary concerns. The drug industry always puts shareholder wealth first.

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