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March 2, 2023
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European Parliament Chiefs Block Public Scrutiny Of European Commission President Over Pfizer Contract


“The top ranks of the European Parliament have slammed the door shut to a public cross-examination of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen over her personal role in negotiating a multibillion-euro vaccine deal with Pfizer.” [Source:]


The secretive handling of this investigation by the Brussels EU is a reflection of its role as the global politburo for the Pharma Cartel and the criminal ‘Business with Disease.’

The continuation of the unscrupulous pharma drug business – the annual proceeds from which are expected to surpass one and a half trillion dollars this year – is not possible in a democracy. This clearly explains why the Brussels EU was not designed as a democratic structure. Its executive body, the EU Commission, currently headed by Ursula von der Leyen, is a totally unelected institution that was deliberately established to promote and protect the fraudulent ‘Business with Disease’ on a global scale.

Non-patentable natural health approaches such as vitamins are seen by the Brussels EU as an existential threat to the Pharma Cartel. Illustrating this, from over 44,000 nutrition and health claims that were originally submitted to the Brussels EU under its so-called ‘Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation’ of 2006, as of June 2017 a mere 261 had been authorized for use. This demonstrates that in order to protect the drug industry, the Brussels EU wants to ban the communication of over a century of research and scientific discoveries about vitamins and other essential micronutrients.

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