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WHO’s Cancer Research Agency To Declare Aspartame Sweetener A Possible Carcinogen


One of the world’s most common artificial sweeteners is set to be declared a possible carcinogen by a leading global health body.
[Source: reuters.com]


The plans of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) to declare aspartame a possible carcinogen follow the World Health Organization (WHO) issuing a general warning against using all artificial sweeteners. In a guideline released on 15 May, 2023, the WHO stated the chemicals may increase the risk of type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and mortality in adults – thus confirming what many independent researchers have been saying for years now.

Of all artificial sweeteners, aspartame is by far the most widely used. Found in thousands of food products worldwide, including diet soft drinks, previous research has clearly indicated it has carcinogenic effects and can cause neurological and behavioral disturbances. Arguably the world’s most controversial food additive, there have long been calls for it to be withdrawn. The longer that governments and regulators fail to do so, the greater will be the impression that they see the profits of multinational chemical companies as more important than the health of ordinary citizens.

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