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People Who Grow Their Own Fruit And Vegetables Waste Less Food And Eat More Healthily, Finds Study


A new study reveals that people who grow their own fruit and vegetables waste less food and eat more healthily.


The findings of this study reflect what we ourselves have observed through our international Movement of Life project. A key part of this project involves teaching people in developing countries about the health-promoting properties of fruits and vegetables and helping them set up school and community gardens where they can grow food to feed themselves, their families, and friends.

Instead of expecting their futures to depend upon aid money from the big global institutions and international aid charities, our aim is to teach people in poor countries how to help themselves. Significantly, therefore, after being inspired by what they learn from us, many project participants are able to improve their incomes through selling any excess fruit and vegetables they produce. Through taking this approach it becomes possible to fight poverty, hunger, and disease simultaneously.

To read how our Movement of Life project is spreading health, hope, and prosperity in Zimbabwe, see this article on our website.