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YouTube Expands Its Medical “Misinformation” Policies


YouTube has expanded its Covid misinformation policy to cover what it calls all forms of medical misinformation. It has also declared a plan to delist videos promoting “cancer treatments proven to be harmful or ineffective,” effectively disallowing content creators from encouraging natural cures.
[Source: reclaimthenet.org]


In a post published on its official blog, YouTube states that it will henceforth be taking action against any content promoting vitamin C supplements for cancer. The announcement comes despite a recent review published in the Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research (JECCR) summarizing clear evidence that high-dose vitamin C impairs both tumor growth and metastasis in a large number of different cancer types.

Authored by researchers from the Netherlands, the JECCR review also describes how reports have shown long cancer survival times following vitamin C treatment, with in some cases even complete tumor regression of advanced or metastatic disease occurring. Conversely, of course, far from being a cure, the chemotherapy treatments that YouTube seemingly sees as effective can actually cause more cancers.

Significantly, therefore, its new policy also makes clear that YouTube is now closely aligning itself with pro-pharma authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO). Receiving hundreds of billions of dollars per year from the COVID-19 vaccine-promoting Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO has close links to the drug industry and openly seeks funding from corporate sources.

However, YouTube’s new ‘medical misinformation’ policy makes no mention of these conflicts of interest. Instead, buried beneath the headlines, the Google-owned video platform quietly announces in its blog post that it will in future be collaborating on new cancer content with the Mayo Clinic, a citadel of conventional pharma-based approaches to the disease.

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