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January 18, 2023
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January 18, 2023

Vitamin D Improves Immune Response To Tuberculosis, Study Finds


“A rare patient has made it possible for researchers to prove that vitamin D – the “sun vitamin” – helps the body fight tuberculosis.” [Source:]


This study builds on previous research showing that vitamin D can speed up the clearance of tuberculosis bacteria from the lungs of people with multi-drug resistant forms of the disease. By adding vitamin D to antibiotic treatment, doctors can boost the immune system to help the body to clear tuberculosis rather than relying on antibiotics alone to kill the bacteria.

Other micronutrients that have been researched in relation to tuberculosis include vitamin E, deficiencies of which are associated with an increased risk of contracting the disease, and vitamin A, which supports the human lung’s immune system. Deficiencies of vitamin A and zinc are known to cause severe problems among tuberculosis patients.

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