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South Australia Introduces $75k Fines And Prison Time For Those Who Break Tough Covid Rules

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“Anyone found breaching Covid rules in South Australia could be punished with two years jail as new laws are set.” [Source: dailymail.co.uk]


Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions have been among the most severe imposed in any country. Draconian powers enforced in the state of Victoria have allowed the police to seize property for any reason, enter homes without a warrant, and stop people in the street to check they are carrying a permit allowing them to leave their homes.

In some cases Australian citizens were reportedly removed from their homes by the army and driven to a quarantine camp where they were detained against their will. Others have been prohibited from leaving their homes even for exercise, shopping, or healthcare purposes.

Hardly surprisingly, therefore, by September 2021 a survey found that almost two thirds of Australians believed their life had become worse during the pandemic, with more than half feeling more negative about the future. People also reported being more stressed and said that their relationships had become more difficult or strained.

To read how a recent study found that worldwide pandemic lockdowns only prevented 0.2 percent of COVID-19 deaths, see this news story on our website.

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